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Dec 26, 2022

Chris, Rob and John hunker down for the Christmas storm and discuss classic holiday episodes of TV shows, John's forced holiday spirit and NFL staff salary ranges.

Also, Rob does his homework (that Chris and John forgot they assigned), they explore Magellan TV and finish up Wikipedia's "2022 in Heavy Metal Music"...

Dec 19, 2022

Chris, Rob and John discuss cold and flu season, establishing habits (good or bad) and organized chaos before exploring "2022 in Heavy Metal Music" courtesy of Wikipedia.



Dec 12, 2022

Chris, Rob and John compare sizes of their Mankeys before calculating their South Korean age and sharing their Christmas shopping habits.

They also show how generous they are by telling you how to get the best return for your Christmas gift investment and give you tips to dealing with panhandlers.

If that wasn't enough,...

Dec 5, 2022

Celebrate the 400th episode with Chris. Rob and John as they remember Max Headroom, take a quiz to revisit in another 400 episodes, discuss the decline of home assistant devices and continue the great "Does Spotify pay artists enough?" debate.



Nov 28, 2022

Chris, Rob and Jim get into the World Cup......sort of, as well as discuss some alternative sports, recount some past Thanksgiving Eves and try to uncover some memory blindspots.

They also list some metal shows that would actually make them leave the house and tell some personal golf tales.