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Nov 9, 2015

Hop aboard the train of thought with Chris, Rob, John and Ben! You just might learn something!  But probably not!


Contained within, you may find out:

            Why your butt hurts.

            Who the drunkest NFL fans are.

            Which NBA fans have the worst grammar.

            Where to buy a lock of Kurt Cobain’s hair.


Other answers found in the bonus material (don’t look for bonus material, it’s all just in there):

            The possible future of Victory Records.

            How awesome “The Grindmother” is.

            Why your pinky toe is falling off.

            Why your penis falls asleep.

            What TV shows you should be watching right now.

            Why John should have a beard.


Unless you’re contributing to the 25,000,000,000 hours that have been spent playing Call of Duty, you should have a listen!