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Dec 7, 2015

Chris, Rob, Ben and John are back together again for a very special episode of Live On Tape Delay.  Ok, it’s not that special, but it’s pretty damned good!  This week’s discussions include:


Calcio – Football, rugby and soccer the way they were meant to be played

Hoff knows the 80’s – As he should

Kung Fury - A must watch

The NSA pares down its cell phone surveillance - As far as you know

McDonald’s Monopoly fraud – Rob wants reparations

Metformin could help you live longer – Even if you don’t have the diabetes

Elon Musk challenges engineers to a contest – Build his Hyperloop

Toy manufacturer VTech hacked – Children’s identities stolen, but not really

Correlations between exercise and beer – Not what you think


All these and more……..