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Feb 29, 2016

Welcome back, or for the first time!  Listen in as Chris, Rob, Ben and John meander through this (mostly) sports filled episode.  Mile markers along the path include:


Washington Capitals Acquire Mike Weber From Buffalo Sabres For 2017 Draft Pick (

Ben goes way more in depth than we are used to regarding the Buffalo Bill defensive scheme

The Canadiens’ Automated Twitter Celebration Became a Nightmare of Offensive Tweets (

Goalie Ed Belfour’s Olympic Gold Auctioned Off For $34,777 (

NHL All Star Game MVP John Scott Gets Movie Deal; Mitch Albom Writing (

The Pistons Are Voiding A Three-Way Trade, And It Has Hilarious Consequences (

Yankees COO Defends New Ticketing Policy Like A True Rich Asshole (’s Readers Name Best Craft Beer Bar In Every State (

God Bless E-40, Whose New Beer Is Absolutely Horrible (

Amazon Quietly Pulls All Hoverboards From It’s Site (


…….and a whole lot more!