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Apr 11, 2016

Live On Tape Delay is one year old!  Birthday, anniversary, S2:E1, however you want to slice it, we got to spend it with Mark Briody of Jag Panzer!  We couldn’t have asked for a cooler, more down to earth and personable person than Mark as our first in show interview.  So thank you again Mark!  Make sure you checkout for the latest news about what Mark and the rest of the boys are up to!


Other topics of the episode (which you’ll probably fast forward through to get to the interview, but we hope you don’t):


Twitter Wins Digital Streaming Rights For NFL Thursday Night Games (

Patriots, Panthers Lead Post Free Agency NFL Power Rankings (

Epic Brewing’s Son Of A Baptist Coffee Beer Project Is A Brewery Wake-Up Call (

Rude Note On Domino’s Box Scolds Customer For Late Order (

The 5 Most Affordable Places To Raise Your Kid If You Can Already Tell They’re Going To Be A Fuckup (





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