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Feb 19, 2024

Hang out with Chris, Rob and John as they try to avoid legal issues, discover that they have very different fashion senses and break their gear during the show (Ok, that last one is just Chris).

They also give their thoughts on Super Bowl LVII, talk about cutting the cord of cord cutting and if you're into NFTs, look...

Feb 12, 2024

As Chris accessorizes, Rob stays inside (unless he's paid) and John wins the weekend productivity award, they still find time to discuss "The Greatest Night in Pop" from Netflix and this year's Grammys.

...and all of that during the February Funk.



Feb 5, 2024

This week, the exciting conclusion of Chris's Keurig Catastrophy, a continuation of Rob's Crypto Cupboard, and John quiries the internet at an incredible clip.

They also discuss some technology hiccups, self-analyze their own show and continue plans for the upcoming Episode 500.

Finally, they try to remember how many of...

Jan 29, 2024

Hang out with Chris, Rob and John as they discover the streaming service wars are alive and well, give you a movie recommendation and reflect on the Buffalo Bills being knocked out of the playoffs in the divisional round.

They also discuss customer service, the blessings and evils of self checkout, making simple tasks...

Jan 22, 2024

Join Chris, Rob and John as they go over their winter storm woes.  They also take another sortie into ChatGPT to see how it has evolved since last time, and oh boy has it!  The boys have it design some new artwork (which has to be described because, duh, this is an audio podcast), have it design their new iPhone app,...