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Sep 26, 2022

Chris, Rob and John get into some NFL conspiracies, consider coffee or tea, defend their "only album for the rest of your life" choices, discover a time travel problem and play TV Jenga.

Also, Pre Show Poops.


Sep 19, 2022

Chris, Rob and John reflect on NFL Week 1, share some niche interests, rank spreadsheets.........without the use of spreadsheets and reflect on the good ol' days with some computer nostalgia.


Sep 12, 2022

Listen in as Chris, Rob and John reminisce about boomboxes, debate whether Monday holidays are worth it, ponder the inner workings of an F1 pit crew, share some bucket list items and pick some personal purchases they would make if money were no object.

Also, Chris takes his "gaming career" pro and they give...

Sep 5, 2022

Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as they share some landlord tales, a few scam stories and attempt to justify a conspiracy theory (which is harder than they expected).

Also, what album can you still listen to front to back, a Heft Approved product (not a sponsor), old school WrestleMania and some NFL betting advice you...