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Jan 30, 2023

This week, Chris is all about old timey phrases, Rob is the last one in and John gets to spread his sheet as they collectively create the definitave playlist of the best 30 Dream Theater songs to be pared down and ranked at a later date (hopefully next week).

But first, they peruse a Warner Brothers Commissary menu...

Jan 23, 2023

Welcome to our podcast, where we explore the world of Artificial Intelligence and today, we're diving deep into the fascinating world of language models.  Our guest for today's episode is none other than ChatGPT, one of the most advanced AI language models developed by OpenAI.  Join us as we explore the capabilities and...

Jan 16, 2023

Chris, Rob and John ponder what happens when you realize you are older than your favorite TV characters and sports figures, discuss the NFL playoffs then and now and compare how long they are comfortable wearing the same clothes without laundering them.

Also, an update from Rob's Book Nook, some podcast goals...

Jan 9, 2023

Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as they (mostly Chris) have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the holiday.  They also discuss all things gaming including mobile vs console vs PC, game streaming basics, a new unofficial segment entitled "Whatcha Playin'?", a new "console" on the market and...

Jan 2, 2023

Join Chris, Rob and John as they make a game out of Rob's 2022 habit data and try to guess how many times he has done each activity.

No feelings were hurt (hopefully) during the recording of this episode.