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Mar 20, 2017

Chris and Brandon have Winter Storm Stella stuck in their craw, while John and Rob explain the Texas Interstate system.  Oh, but that’s not all.  The following are the meat and potatoes of the week:


Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans?

Beer Geek Chronicles:  The Black Market  (

Site Of The Week:

Spotify And Waze Partner To Play Music And Navigate Seamlessly  (

Kirk Hammett Reacts To Random Metallica Covers  (

Seven Years Later, Pokemon Player Finally Maxes Out Pokewalker  (

[Master Of None] Season 2 Premiers May 12 On Netflix  (

DeepMind’s New AI System Can Learn Based On Its Past Experiences  (

These Are The 17 House Of Representatives That Introduced A Bill To Let Telecoms Sell Your Personal Internet History  (

Texas Men Would Face Fine For Masturbating, Need Rectal Exam For Viagara Under Proposed Law  (

Extra Digit Accidentally Typed By Officer Turns UK Man Into A Pedophile  (

You’ll Never Believe What It Costs To Rent A Panda From China  (


….and other stuff, but you know that…..



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