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Sep 5, 2016

Chris, Rob, Ben and John dig in once again in this week’s riveting installment of Live On Tape Delay.  Topics of the week include:


“Loveable Lucy” [or “Pretty Lucy” as we prefer] Shipped Back To New Jersey For Repair (


How To Stream Live NFL Football Games This Season (

Now You Can Just Uber It To A Dolphins Tailgate Party (

Should Fans Be Mad Carli Lloyd Isn’t Back With The Dash Already? (

Turf War Going On Between Rayo OKC Owners (

How I [not us, although we wish it was] Hacked An Android App To Get Free Beer (

BEER BREAK - music used under creative commons license courtesy of

In Flames To Release “Battles” Album In November; “The End” Song Available For Streaming (

Doggy Therapy

Not A Drill:  SETI Is Investigating A Possible ET Signal From Space (

Ancient Aliens Drinking Game

Native American Words


……and that’s just what we remember talking about!



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