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Dec 19, 2016

Once Chris, Rob, Ben and John get on a roll, they just can’t stop.  Stories that spawn other insanity include:


The Baltimore Stallions CFL Title Is Still More Recent Than The Last Canadian MLB, NHL, NBA, or MLS Title (

FOX Basically Missed The Winning Penalty Kick Of MLS Cup 2016 (

One Hell Of A Good Time | By John Scott (

Bill Steer Says Next Carcass Album Should Arrive By End Of 2017 (

2017 Grammy Nominations: Metallica Not Metal? (

If You Actually Use The Business Card OF Kurt Ballou From Converge To Build A Distortion Pedal, It Will Sound Like This (

Madden Curse Debate

TV Show Limitless Metal (

Jeopardy! Contestant Dies Before Show Airs (

Pokemon Go Talk [like we would let you down…….  J  ]


…….all that and Chris has no concept of time!......





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