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Jun 18, 2018

Eventually, they boys pick 25 songs from One Hit Wonders of the 1990's in prep for a future episode in which they will vote, argue, kick scratch and punch each other to define the ultimate top 10.

But first, they explore a bit further, and Ray gives a World Cup rundown.


Jun 11, 2018

Without Raybeans to keep Chris and Rob in check, the conversation gets a little weird, as the title would suggest; ranging from the new app JQBX, through their thoughts on the afterlife, dream interpretation and into mental illness.


Jun 4, 2018

They boys recap their Memorial Day weekend, even though none of it had to do with Memorial Day.  Rob was in Maryland, John was in a foreign land, and Chris was in a wedding.


May 28, 2018

Rob takes a deep dive into the band Riot, and takes Chris with him.  Also, Chris preps for his sister's wedding, and Rob preps for Maryland Deathfest.



May 21, 2018

After the serious nature of the last few episodes, we decided to lighten it up a bit. 

The Houston boys are ill, Maryland Deathfest is coming up, a bit o' TV talk, legalizing sports betting, and for some reason, a discussion about utility bills.