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Aug 19, 2019

Chris is stricken with home repairs and/or ghosts, Rob defects from the iPhone, John vacuums his lawn, and Ben is.....well, Ben.

Also, Instagram as a historical record, old and new ways of backing up your media, and remembering AOL Instant Messenger.

The quandary of the episode:  What if older music was recorded today? ...

Aug 12, 2019

Rob may be a robot, John is left to his own devices for the weekend and Chris and Ben may enter a cornhole tournament.

Also discussed, in their own patented way:  physical consumable media, biohacking, contacts or glasses, deepfakes, internet spoofs of TV shows, the new Tool release, grass or turf and how well does...

Aug 5, 2019

Chris, Rob, Ben and John get into everything from their relative geographic pests, to the pros and cons of collecting your own health data, all the way to why the theme songs from your favorite shows may be different now that they're streaming.

Also, Rob and John compare bands to sports teams while Chris and Ben...

Jul 29, 2019

Join the boys from your favorite Podcore Grindcast Confraternity in this week's installment as they discuss the Adult Alternative and Adult Contemporary Billboard charts, as well as some more pros and cons of streaming TV.

In sports news, Rob is back into soccer, John is still here, and Chris continues to try.  Also...

Jul 22, 2019

Chris, Rob and John talk a little religion, not in the way you may think, but definitely the way you'd expect coming from them.  They also get into the Storm Area 51 movement, Amazon Prime Days, summer arts and crafts and closing the activity rings on your Apple Watch.

Other questions debated:  How well do you know...