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Nov 18, 2019

Chris, Rob and John enter round 4 of Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas fantasy game, this time roping in show favorite Jack Stolz, who picks up on the flavor of the game surprisingly fast.

Once the holiday cheer is over, they catch up with Jack talking about being in bands, getting older, life changes and...

Nov 11, 2019

Chris, Rob, Ben and John continue the Hallmark Christmas Movie Fantasy game into round 3 and start to develop their league strategy, including using trivia bonus points.

They also discuss how AB InBev tried to troll Shiner, but Shiner fought back.


Nov 4, 2019

This week the boys jump in to the Hallmark Christmas Movie fantasy game, "Countdown to Christmas", and they think you should too.  They also discuss how certain aspects of society have changed, as exemplified by the 20th anniversary of the 30th anniversary of Woodstock.


Oct 28, 2019

After a slightly rocky but hilarious start, Chris, Rob, John and Jim (with the help of Ben as the tie breaker), take 25 heavy metal songs they feel best capture the spirit of Halloween, and pare it down to the 10 best.  This is democracy at it's best.


The full playlist they worked from can be found in the link below,...

Oct 21, 2019

This week:  Rob hacks his own Spotify playlist, John is just waking up, Ben is sporting a stache and Chris is off his game.

All that said, they talk sports of alternate timelines, the MLB playoffs (that you now know the outcome of) of this timeline, Halloween TV specials and they practice bragging about themselves.