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Aug 31, 2015

New York, Louisiana and Texas….Oh My!


Remember that time when it would have cost more than $140K to have LeBron James hawk your product, people cared that Michael Vick was dog fighting, IK Enemkpali punched a dude under a sheet in the face, and Marshawn Lynch bought a vow of silence.  Oh wait, that’s now, or...

Aug 24, 2015

Listen intently as Chris, Rob, John and Ben get owned by a three way Skype video call, the media drags fights at joint NFL practices into the public eye and the Houston Astro’s mascot Orbit shows that he’s got game.


Also, Iron Maiden and Act of Defiance (former members of Megadeth), have new albums coming out,...

Aug 17, 2015

Chris, Rob and Ben talk sports, sports and more sports!  Everything from broken jaws in New York, butts in Michigan, to RED in Tampa Bay.

Watch them venture off into a little music theory, only to find out, none of them know any music theory......

And finally, update your Netflix queue with 9 shows you should be...

Aug 10, 2015

Episode 18 Rundown:


Last Mayhem Festival in Houston?  Most Likely.

The Cryptic Yeast takes a new direction? Yes.

Cyber Dust is the new Twitter?  Probably not.

Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer is fantastic?  Absolutely.

Rob and Chris actually read books?  Kind of.

The chicken is in the lemonade?  Not yet.

Rob is...

Aug 3, 2015

The rabbit hole goes oh so deep this week….

As we fall, we check a few more bands off Rob’s musical bucket list, we hurl past Lil Jon’s new EDM project while eating a breakfast bar of Sugar Skull Cereal and finally land at the bottom (smashing our old cell phones, as any NFL player should do) only to find a...