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Mar 27, 2017

Chris, Rob, John and eventually Ben get to the bottom of some of life’s great mysteries.  Just kidding.  They talk about beer, sports, music and more beer because it’s pretty much all they know.  Topics of the week include:


Whatcha’ Drinkin Raybeans?

Ghanaian Soccer Player Thanks Wife And Girlfriend In ‘Man Of...

Mar 20, 2017

Chris and Brandon have Winter Storm Stella stuck in their craw, while John and Rob explain the Texas Interstate system.  Oh, but that’s not all.  The following are the meat and potatoes of the week:


Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans?

Beer Geek Chronicles:  The Black Market  (

Site Of The Week: ...

Mar 13, 2017

Chris, Ben and Brandon, still licking their wounds from the previous evening, are carried along by Rob and John to scratch the surface of the following topics:


Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans?

MLS Confidential:  Players Polled On Pro/Rel, Beckham Miami Team, Salaries, Donovan Return, Giovinco Snub,...

Mar 6, 2017

After a freak time-traveling incident, Chris, Rob, Ben, John and Brandon manage to record an episode in the 1980’s, only to hide it for 30-some years and release it as this very special 100th episode.  “Current” observations include:


Tape 1:

In The 80’s – Glossary of Eighties Terms  (