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Apr 24, 2017

Chris, Rob, Ben and John continue their baseball talk, adding stories of their first games, best and worst parks, who to root for if you're a noob, and how confusing the MLB draft is.  Chris and Ben also fight with Brandon (absent) to go to game 3 of Yankees/Pirates (spoiler alert, they ended up going).  Oh yeah, and...

Apr 17, 2017

So, you want get into baseball but don't know how, don't get it, or think it's boring?  You're not alone, but hopefully Chris, Rob, Ben and John can help you out with that.  Through their varying levels of baseball expertise and experiences, maybe they can give you a new (or first time) perspective.  Everything from how...

Apr 10, 2017

Could the Earth actually be flat? Could the Moon be artificial? Could we be living inside of a simulation? Join Chris, Rob and John as they try to convince each other that these theories could be true.

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Apr 3, 2017

Join Chris, Rob, Ben and John as they close out season 2!  Don’t forget to head over to for some after show fun.  Topics of the week include:


What Next For Cities Abandoned By NFL Teams  (

Oilers, Fans Celebrate End Of Playoff Drought  (

For Jorge Villfaña, The Dream Of...