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Apr 29, 2019

The boys take a deep dive into King Diamond's "The Eye".  This includes a track by track analysis, story interpretation and personal thoughts.  They invite you to listen to their thoughts while listening to the album yourself at the same time.  Unfortunately for copyright reasons, none of the album is featured in the episode, however you can scrub ahead to the commentary of a specific track using the table of contents below.




15:08 - "The Eye of the Witch"

21:52 - "The Trial (Chambre Ardente)"

30:50 - "Burn"

37:29 - "Two Little Girls"

42:03 - "Into the Convent"

51:56 - "Father Picard"

59:49 - "Behind These Walls"

1:05:09 - "The Meetings"

1:11:43 - "Insanity"

1:15:47 - "1642 Imprisonment"

1:21:38 - "The Curse"