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Jul 31, 2023

Who other than Chris, Rob and John can organically take a conversation from window accoutrements to old school alarm clocks to mobile, retro and arcade games?  No one, that's who.........except maybe Jerome.



Jul 24, 2023

This week Chris breaks 1500 hours, Rob finds a new podcast (to listen to, not to host) and John preps for a marathon.  Also, the decline of malls, endurance activities and the motivation behind them and the mid year check in on Rob's habits and in game show format.



Jul 17, 2023

Chris is grumpy again, Rob stays the course and John hits up a Dynamo game, but that's not all.  They talk about a controversial new Apple TV show, share some exciting F1 news, give their thoughts on the upcoming Wonka movie and ask, "Who are you watching on YouTube?"



Jul 10, 2023

Let Chris, Rob, John and Jerome teach you a little something about wine, discuss a new social media platform, give you a 30 for 30 to watch, discuss their respective July 4th activities, present a double feature you didn't know you wanted, introduce you to a new channel you didn't know you needed, design their paper...

Jul 3, 2023

Chris, Rob and John attempt to have AI generate a vulgar version of an MLB uniform, discuss the Hells Heroes VI festival lineup, look into the new AI health monitoring system January AI and give their thoughts on Peacock's "Based on a True Story".