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Nov 16, 2015

This week’s highlights, lowlights and lights of various intensities in between:


            Stupid criminal stories

            Buffalo sports talk

            Shia laughs

            7 child stars that grew up ugly

            How to get blocked on Facebook

            Shia takes a nap

            Hipster football teams

            Illinois gym that makes you the battery

            Shia gets molested by Jack Sparrow

            Ben Carson’s Temple de Ego

            Rob says “Caviezel”

            Shia is fading

            Music is what you make it

            Rob loses it over the psychology of Smash Mouth

            Shia gets his 9th wind

            Cybernetic band members

            Western NY is Siberia

            Shia outlasts us all


……and if you can believe it, much, much more!




PS - Shia